Calgary's Diesel Specialists

Diesel Maintenance and Repair

Harvest Hills Auto is a full service Diesel facility. We employ a diesel technician that can help you with all your diesel needs! We work on all makes and models including Ford, Dodge Ram and GMC. 

Diesel vehicles may not require maintenance as often but that does not mean it is not important. Utilize the expertise of our diesel technicians to keep your vehicle in top shape.

EGR Servicing

You may have a problem with your EGR system if you’re seeing white smoke or black smoke, smelling exhaust odour, or experiencing surges or lacks in power. At Harvest Hills Auto we will verify your concern by performing a visual and digital inspection to determine what the issue may be and work with you to fix it.  

Glow Plugs

When glow plugs are failing to work properly, the combustion chamber doesn’t have the extra heat it requires to ignite and as we get into the cold Calgary weather, you do not want this part to fail. Another sign of a faulty glow plug is black smoke coming out of the vehicle when you try to start the engine. If you have experienced either of these symptoms it is important to get your glow plug checked out with us right away.

Other symptoms of a failing glow plug include:

  • Loss of acceleration
  • Poor fuel economy 
  • Loss of fuel efficiency 
  • Loss of overall power 

DEF System

Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) is a solution injected directly into your SCR system, used to reduce pollution in diesel engines. Because of this, quality control is critical so you don’t experience equipment failure. 

Your DEF system can be affected by: 

Crystallization – Occurs from overdosing DEF and hard water top ups. 

Dirt/metal contamination – Caused by improper DEF storage or handling, ended up with abrasion of the DEF pump. 

UREA Concentration – Diluted DEF reduces its neutralization ability, topping up with water will affect this. 

Cold Weather – DEF may gel or freeze in Winter preventing engine operation. 

Other Fluids – Fluids such as diesel fuel, coolant, or engine oil being added can cause contamination to the DEF tank and lead to engine shutdown. 

High Pressure Injectors

Proper fuel pressure is vital for engine operation and performance. High Pressure Fuel injectors can malfunction or fail due to a number of factors including lack of maintenance, leaks, or adjoining parts failing. These problems more commonly present as low fuel pressure which you can identify through a lack of horsepower, stalling, and a slow or no-start condition.

You can also have issues with higher than normal fuel pressure due to a kink in the fuel return line, black sooty exhaust from your vehicle is a symptom of this issue.

If you think that your high pressure injectors may be failing, book an appointment with us at Harvest Hills Auto as soon as possible.

Turbo Servicing

We want to make sure that your turbo is operating in peak condition. Here are some tell-tale signs that your engine needs servicing to look out for: 

  • Low RPM smoking 
  • Continuing white smoke
  • Black smoke 
  • Fuel rotting
If you are having problems with your diesel vehicle, call (403) 226-9933 or book an appointment online to have your vehicle serviced at Harvest Hills Auto Calgary.