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Car Battery Replacements

Here at Harvest Hills Auto we offer full service battery, electrical, starting and charging system services. We can do everything from a simple battery service to cleaning all the electrical connections, to a replacement and all the diagnostics needed to ensure your starting, charging and electrical system is operating properly.

How to tell if your vehicle is having battery trouble:

  • Odd smell – If you smell a rotten egg smell coming from under your hood, it could be due to a battery problem. Along with requiring a new battery, this problem could also affect other engine components since sulphuric acid can leak from the battery and quickly corrode other car parts.
  • Low battery fluid level – Depending on the type of battery in your vehicle, battery fluid can evaporate over time and will need to be topped off as part of regular maintenance. Some batteries have a clear indicator on the top that turns yellow when battery fluid is low. If you battery has a fill cap on top, you can check the fluid levels by opening it and ensuring that the fluid is 1/2-1 inch from the top of the battery. 
  • Electrical issues – Along with being responsible for starting the car, the battery is also responsible for keeping electrical features running. If you’re having issues with lights inside your car, power windows, or your radio, it may be because there isn’t enough power coming from the car battery.
  • Dashboard lights – In some cars, the dashboard has an icon that looks like a battery and it will light up if there’s a battery problem. Although some cars do not have this icon, the check engine light may come on. 
  • Slow start – If your car seems slow to start lately, this may be a sign of a battery problem. The battery is responsible for producing the power needed to start your car, if there is not a lot of power in the battery, it’s going to show. If this is happening it is important to get your battery checked out and replaced soon. 
  • Bulging battery case – Extreme weather can cause the battery case to start swelling up. The result is the battery dying and needing to be replaced. Identifying this problem is easy and just needs a quick look under the hood to notice.

Tips for drivers:

  • Car batteries last at most 4-5 years, less time in extreme weather conditions
  • Don’t try to jumpstart your battery if it has bulges, cracks, icicles, frost on the plastic case or terminals 
  • A lot of newer car batteries have useful gauges on them that indicate the level of charge. 

Best battery practices in cold weather:

  1. Get your battery checked. 
  2. Allow your engine to warm up for 30 seconds or longer before driving to ensure everything is lubricated.
  3. Plug it in overnight or if you will not be driving it for a while.  
  4. Park your car in a garage or somewhere it will stay warm (next to warm equipment, buildings, in direct sun). 
If you are having problems with your diesel vehicle, call (403) 226-9933 or book an appointment online to have your vehicle serviced at Harvest Hills Auto Calgary.