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Auto Inspection Services

Here at Harvest Hills Auto, we are certified to do all types of automotive inspections on all makes and models. Our inspection services include general, pre-purchase, out of province, insurance, and commercial vehicle inspections. We utilize Mitchell Mobile Manager, a cutting edge digital inspection system providing you with a custom report, including pictures of your car to determine what needs to be worked on. 

General Auto Inspections

We test and visually inspect all safety areas of your vehicle with a 40 point inspection. 

What is included in a 40 point inspection? 

Pre-purchase Inspection

Looking to purchase a used vehicle? We highly recommend a pre-purchase inspection.

Harvest Hills Auto will complete an 80 point inspection to determine any pre-existing conditions, assess previous repairs, and highlight potential issues that could arise in the future. A pre-purchase inspection will give you peace of mind and ensure you buy the car that’s right for you. Inform the seller that you would like to complete a pre-purchase inspection and then schedule an appointment with us that works for both them and you.

What’s included in this inspection? – We test and visually inspect all safety areas of your vehicle (a 40 point inspection) and the internal operations of secondary systems including windows, clock, radio, and seats.  

Out of Province Inspection

In order to register a car in the province of Alberta, a government regulated inspection must be completed. Harvest Hills Auto has a journeyperson technician licensed by the Vehicle Inspection Program to provide out of province vehicle inspections. 

What is included in an out of province inspection? 

If your vehicle fails inspection, you must repair it within 10 days of the date on the record of inspection.

Please note, this service requires a request for an inspection form from an Alberta Registry office. 

Insurance Inspection

If you are looking to insure a car, truck, or van, Harvest Hills Auto has got you covered. All insurance companies in Alberta require an insurance inspection if the vehicle is of a certain age. This typically applies for vehicles that are at least 10 years old. All insurance inspections come with a certificate for your insurance provider.

What is covered in an insurance inspection? 

Commercial Vehicle Inspection

Harvest Hills Auto is licensed to provide government regulated commercial vehicle inspections.

Commercial Vehicles that require annual inspections: 

Commercial Vehicles that require semi-annual inspections: 

If you are having problems with your diesel vehicle, call (403) 226-9933 or book an appointment online to have your vehicle serviced at Harvest Hills Auto Calgary.